Our goal is to Advance the Power of Information!

The overall success of a law enforcement agency is based on its ability to provide proactive and reactive services to the community. There are a variety of tools that Police Officers use to respond to the vast array of tasks they perform each shift - from responding to critical incidents to building partnerships with the community.

Technology is only one of those tools. It is our job to ensure that technology is the invisible tool that pushes timely, accurate and relevant information to all officers - from the Chief of Police through the ranks to the Patrol Officer. We provide a unique approach to improving the way current technology tools are leveraged, “connecting-the-dots”, and automating manual tasks.

We believe that products and support should be based on the needs of the Officers, and not based on mass production of goods and services. We hear from and listen to personnel, at all levels within the PD, to develop customized products and provide consultation as trusted advisors.

The combination of collecting and reporting accurate data, proactive planning, timely assessment of risks and threats, and most importantly, collaboration with the community all contribute to successful results for your Police Department and empower you to make a difference in your Community.

We believe we are uniquely qualified to support this significant effort because of this Philosophy. Our experienced Team of Law Enforcement Professionals includes Police Chiefs, Senior Ranking Civilians, and expert Technologists, who have an excellent understanding of Police Operations, and Community Initiatives.